Holiday bullshit

Welcome to the CAH Holiday Bullshit WikiEdit

For organizing our puzzle-solving.

Cleaning Up This BullshitEdit

/r/holidaybullshit is kind of chaotic at the moment.  No one really seems to know what we actually know in spite of the fact that there seems to be another thread trying to summarize it every day.  I propose that we keep discussing it there, but we post things here to keep it all organized.

List of TheoriesEdit

Current theories people have on the puzzle click here.

Links to Stickied Threads on /r/holidaybullshitEdit

/r/holidaybullshit stickied summary thread #1

/r/holidaybullshit stickied summary thread #2

Pages on this WikiEdit

Let's keep a list of the most important pages on this wiki. Presumably, a link to each day and one to a primary theories page would be a good start.

Update: These are now also available as drop-down menus under 'Important Links' at the top of the wiki.


Latest activityEdit

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