Clusterfuck! rules

The card game Clusterfuck! was sent for Day 4.  The game was developed by Zach Gage, Doug Wilson, and CAH.

It is presently unknown how or if the game factors into the puzzle.


From the official site :

Welcome to the sex party. Your goal tonight is to score three times or have one unforgettable threesome.

Clusterfuck is played in two phases. First, players go around the table and pass each other sexy notes. Once each player has passed notes, everyone closes their eyes and points to the people they want to hook up with with one or both hands.

Then, everyone opens their eyes. If two players are exclusively pointing to each other, they score, and each gets one point. If three players are all pointing to one another and forming a threesome they each get three points for their feat of sexual teamwork. The first player (or players) to get three or more points wins the game. A successful threesome immediately ends the game, just like Quidditch.

Card ListEdit

Pilfered from this comment without permission from /u/nekoningen.  Note that \n indicates a newline character.

  • You have\n[CHLAMYDIA]\n(until you pass this card)\n\nOther people don't score when they hook up with you.\nIf you have this card at the end of a round, keep it and go first next round.
  • [img]Two stick figures in missionary.[/img]
  • I know you're planning a threesome
  • Wanna fuck?\n\nIf so, pass a card to your right :p
  • Let's invite that hot piece of ass to our threesome!
  • Pass your next card to whoever we should fuck
  • I want you all to myself
  • I'm gonna ditch that loser
  • Who do you want in our sandwich?
  • Fuck me
  • Gross.
  • Hey girl
  • Pass a card to your left if you think I'm hot!
  • Let's pretend we're in love!
  • I wanna have a threesome
  • I'm only interested in you
  • I want to be the meat in your sandwich
  • You'll do
  • Im soooooooo drunk\n:))))))))))))
  • How do you feel about a threesome?
  • Wanna quit this stupid game and get outta here?
  • I want in
  • All good?\n\nLets do this!
  • Go fuck yourself
  • Blow me
  • That jerk isn't into threesomes...\n\nLet's just fuck each other
  • Ignore everyone else\n\nWe're meant for each other
  • Let's fuck the person next to you
  • I want you inside me
  • A certain someone wants to join us...
  • You're hot\n\nSo is the person next to you\n\nLet's have a threesome
  • I'm undressing you with my eyes
  • Voulez-vous avior un ménage à trois avec moi? (Will you have a threesome with me?)
    • Technically, "ménage à trois" is a domestic situation in which three frequent sexual partners live in the same dwelling, but for here I assume they meant a casual threesome.
  • Let's hook up and just pretend we're having a threesome
  • Roses are red\nViolets are blue\nI'm bad at poetry\nLet's have sex
  • 'Sup

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