What this page is for Edit

This page is meant as a place to collect a full list of all sources of information about Holiday Bullshit. No actual information should go here (e.g. no pictures of envelopes).

An important step of analyzing data is figuring out what the data is, so that then we can ask if we're forgetting anything or to come back and see if there is something we're entirely ignoring.

What this page is not for Edit

No theories here, please. Those need to get sorted out somewhere else.

Physical data Edit

  • Mailings
    • Envelopes (e.g. day 1)
      • Lights on envelopes
      • Pictures on envelopes
      • Mailing locations on envelopes
      • Other info from envelopes (?)
    • Notes and other things inside of envelopes
  • Amazon gifts

Online data Edit

Anything that exists on the interwebs and might be pertinent. Tweets? Personal websites of CAH staff?

Temporal data Edit

For all we know, the date of postal cancellation on envelopes might be important. So, any sources of data that might be non-spatial.

Circumstantial data Edit

Someone should help me come up with a better name for this category. It's for things like how, in the Monty Hall problem, the fact that Monty chooses a particular door to show you is itself additional information beyond what you find out about whats behind the door. This category includes things like "if they wanted us to do X, they would have Y."

  • /u/bhantoot ​confirmed in this comment that the company Big Bright Great, who helped develop the Holiday Bullshit site, is not associated with the contest